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Personalized Content, Engagement, and Advertising

In the new media landscape with changing audience preferences and consumers’ attention divided across multiple device touch points, engaging with customers who expect personalized experiences when interacting with your business is challenging. With access to increased data, media companies can understand their consumers better and deliver more personalized content across: movie, music, and video products.

Ceres: The Platform

Ceres Offers Next Generation Consumer Insights and Experiences

Ceres AI Platform

CERES is an A.I. Powered Media Intelligence Platform. Our platform incorporates Artificial Intelligence to analyze consumer consumption behavioral data, media Meta data, and device data used by our Dynamic Personalized Content Delivery Recommendation Engine™ to supply relevant content, at the right device, at the right time of day to increase media consumption across digital properties.

Ceres also creates Actionable Audience Profiles and integrates with your Programmatic Advertising stack to deliver Hyper Targeted adverts at the time of decision. We also leverage our Content Social Media Index ™ which is the first global real-time indicator that shows the impact of social media on media consumption and insight on the stickiest media properties.

Our globally integrated Data-as-a-Service architecture provides seamless integration of the various data streams to create a pipeline of data assets that enables internal teams to leverage this data optimize content and services and also coverts your data into a monetized asset able to be used by your partners.