Advanced Media: The New Business & Brand Strategy Model

Media planning delicately balances creatively reaching audiences, meeting business objectives, advertising goals, cost efficiency, and profits. Advanced media incorporates all of those needs, while incorporating data to help streamline the process, inform reach decisions, and improve effectiveness of frequency. Incorporating advanced media tactics in your business or brand strategy model is vital for success.

Modern Media Businesses and Their Advantages

Consumers are constantly inundated with advertisements on various forms of media. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, companies who design their strategy model around and for users command multiple strategic advantages: the ability to evaluate consumer behavior and both effectively collect and incorporate user data are all tools which our predecessors lacked the sophistication to accomplish on scales which are commonly seen today. Incorporating these advantages into your business plan will provide for a higher probability of success.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior can be difficult to predict, but new data keeps businesses on the edge of delivering exactly what their customers want. New tracking allows brands to become intimately familiar with their target demographics: learning who users are, what they are looking for, and even the best way to deliver the content they seek. Nailing down these patterns are vital; fans today spend more per capita than any time previously. They are also less likely to churn. Furthermore, brand loyalty today establishes a basis for future loyalty in some way businesses have not seen before.

However, small missteps can alienate an entire demographic group. Users are still individuals, not just a set of data; they make decisions based on a variety of factors. Thus, entertainment and media companies need to understand fans on a deeper level than just advertising to them. Elevating the sophistication in which brands incorporate, value, and learn from data, segmentation and measurement, and technology will affect commercial success.

Using User Data to Create Effective Business Strategy Models

The ability of a company to successfully leverage data, segmentation, and various measurements can influence many components of your business model. While failure to do these things will keep you from becoming a powerhouse in today’s highly competitive internet-driven world, effectively managing and incorporating these objectives spells success.

Investing in data driven and targeted marketing leads to long-lasting benefits. It increases the relevancy of brand messaging, offers, and promotions. This leads to parity between marketing investments and meeting key business KPIs such as Incremental Subscriber Growth Rate. In turn, average monthly revenue increases per paying membership.

Moment Optimization

Brands can maximize on this growth by successfully optimizing moments. Presenting the perfect content at the correct time to that specific individual translates to higher sales volumes. Advances in AI platforms allow business to continually adjust content, which allows companies to focus and maximize advertising strategies on an individual basis. This ensures both time and monetary investments in growth and churn reduction are more efficient than previously.

This leads to improvements in profit contribution. While you are temporarily increasing the cost margins of your products in order to implement this new technology, it pays off. Companies target consumers less, but in a manner that more effectively translates to sales. Since 90% of advertising budgets are spent on media, reducing the overall times a brand reaches a consumer while simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of those reach moments helping to improve costs drivers and ultimately profit contribution.

Advanced Media: The New Business & Brand Strategy Model

Old models of reaching consumers are no longer efficient. With the advancements in AI, big data, and the increased consumer spending trend, businesses who incorporate advanced analytic and data into their brand strategy model will see greater returns than those who do not. Successfully evaluating consumer behavior while effectively using user data to optimize on critical moments should be the goal of every entertainment and media company looking compete in our rapidly evolving digital economy.

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