Embedded Advertising Tech: The Smart Enabled Creative Asset

Modernism is defined as, “a style or movement in the arts that aims to break with classical and traditional forms.” From the perspective of advertising and advanced media, I am referring to a strategy called: Mixed Reality – that means delivering content on one device while delivering adverts at another.

Consider the following scenario: Media Brand ‘X’ wants to offer insights that allows advertisers to measure the “real performance” of their ad campaigns, such as whether someone who saw an ad on their Connected TV walked into a retail location and actually converted a targeted promotion.

The Situation @ The Brands

CMOs are confronting a myriad of painful realities: The declining effectiveness of mass advertising, a proliferation of new media, declining trust in advertising, increased distribution channels and digital technologies that give users more control over their media time are only the most visible signs of stress.

When network TV was the preferred advertising medium of choice, marketers and the ad agencies serving them rightly focused on the massive audiences that tuned into the most popular shows.

Disrupters like Netflix and Hulu have moved from streaming videos in browser-only constructs to making content available on virtually any device – changing the way in which audiences watch TV, transforming the medium from appointment-based watching to one where viewers watch what they want, when they want, on the device or devices of their choosing.

But how, exactly, do advertisers understand and measure the impact – the performance of their ad campaigns? Marketers need a more inventive/rigorous approach to a fragmenting world.

Enter the Smart Creative Asset

A Smart Message is an intelligently enabled ad asset designed to be embedded inside of modern applications (or even an embedded HTML5 video) that can be extensively personalized for a particular recipient or campaign, and above all is trackable. Tracking URLs are not novel. So, what’s different?

Smart Messages allow for a mapping between an identifier and provides the ability to profile users behaviorally: providing real-time, unfettered access to multi-dimensional data on how users are interacting with your ad and insight on its related performance.

The benefits: ability to track the actual performance of campaigns in real-time, measure fulfillment, reduce ad loads by presenting relevant adverts at a time and device that affords the highest probability of engagement and improves media investment return.

Data is data — until you make sense of it. Smart Messages provide end-to-end transparency and innovative analytic capabilities.

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