Expand your audience

Audience insights are essential when it comes to audience development. Avid fans typically represent 10 to 20 percent of a brand’s user base but can drive 80 percent or more of the business value. Content efforts therefore must prioritize initiatives aimed at super-serving them.

Content preference is a segmentation problem and requires the use of clustering algorithms. We look at attribution over a range of media factors are mined from content metadata things: like genre, playing time, album name, release year, artist, actors, director, etc. as opposed to device factors. We want to understand how people’s demographic attributes affect their media preferences – These metadata also describe what users like about the content.

Every type of metadata provides a unique segmentation view – The ultimate goal is to be able to take a demographic profile, and target exactly what type of content they like to consume.

Leverage these insights to reach the right audience and increase, viewership, downloads, subscriptions, and more.

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