Our Platform

A.I. powered Media Intelligence platform integrates streaming video or music data to drive dynamic personalized experiences and derive actionable insights

Dynamic Personalized Content

Enable optimal content consumption by providing relevant content at customer preferred access times and device

Our Media Similarity AI Recommender and Index Builder is in an Always-Listening mode to a variety of Music and Video API streaming services. Our service leverages analysis of media metadata and an empirical measure of content preference to recommend relevant media options to provide personalized experiences and influence an increased of consumption across media properties.


Integration with Programmatic Advertising Technology Stack

Relevant media content promotions are what the modern consumer demands today

The Ceres Media Intelligence Platform integrates with your DMP to pull an audience profile. We then algorithmically overlay the properties of this demographic with the Universe of Data we have in our platform to produce an actionable audience segment.


Audience Insights and Content Social Media Index

Spot audience trends and Endorsement Culture: Opinion Matters

Our platform provides audience insight on audience behaviors, cross screen targeting, content preferences, cross device attribution and the Ceres Content Social Index is the first global real-time measure of comparative average sentiment of content from the same origin e.g. songs by the same artist or movies by the same director, and also the comparative average sentiment of content from competing origins e.g. two rap songs by different artists, or a Marvel movie vs. a DC movie and a Content Social Influence Score leveraging Klout to provide insight on the stickiest media properties.


Data-as-a-Service Architecture an integration of multiple data streams to derive actionable insights and capitalize on the media interests of customers

A data delivery pipeline to provision raw data in our data warehouse exportable in various standard formats: JSON, XML, CSV and Base64 Data URI. Productized data made available by internal and external teams to optimize products and services.